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Social WiFi allows brands to require to customers to watch video before WiFi login.
WiFi Marketing and WiFi Advertisement can take advantage to raise brand awareness by utilizing Social WiFi System.
Social WiFi can also display your company’s logo, exclusive deals, and requests to link to your company’s facebook accounts. There are a lot ways to play with this Social WiFi hotspot gateway solution.,

Social WiFi provides good internet bandwidth and time control for each user.

Your Guest WiFi connection is truly the most important relationship you could ever have.

About FansWiFi MY (Reseller of Fanswifi Hong Kong), Social WiFi, Guest WiFi Hotspot Solution - JB, KL, Penang and Malaysia (MY)

With BYOD trend today, people need WIFI access for their works, searches and their social media. Therefore, the FansWiFi MY connects your business directly with social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Line,Twitter, Weibo and WeChat.

As an example, using Facebook login to FansWiFi MY (Reseller of Fanswifi Hong Kong) Social WiFi, not only your guests can sign in easily using their Facebook account to access the internet - you get something back from them - .
Currently FansWiFi MY (Reseller of Fanswifi Hong Kong) supports social media and Internet account login method by Facebook, Instagram, Line, WeChat, Twitter and Sina Weibo.

FansWiFi Malaysia (Reseller of Fanswifi Hong Kong) provides Social WiFi System on

• UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMERS: With the information from your customer database, you can understand and gain insights about your customers with our easy to use real-time analytics portal. Some data features include:Demographics, Social Media Profile, Visiting Patterns, Contact Info.

• SUPERCHARGE YOUR WIFI: FansWiFi MY (Reseller of Fanswifi Hong Kong) analytics portal contain many powerful features to cater to both you and your customers needs: WiFi Speed and Duration Limit, Multiple Venue Management, Daily Login Quota, Login Redirection.

• ENGAGE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS: After knowing all you need to know about your customers. FansWiFi MY gives you the tools to connect and engage with your customers in order to bring them back by; Targeted Emails and Promotion, Coupons and Promotions, Increased Social Media Followers.

Why FansWiFi MY (SOCIAL WiFi) is the Best Solution

Seamless WiFi login for your customers.
We make it easy for your customers to access your wifi. Just sign in via social media and they get internet and you get to know more about them.

Multiple social media account supported

We support many different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo, and much more!.

No Passwords or Access codes required

Convenience has become the first priority for people today. With simple social media accounts login method, FansWiFi Malaysia make public WiFi access easy.

WiFi Marketing and WiFi Advertiment

FansWiFi MY (Reseller of Fanswifi Hong Kong)has become one of the effective Social WiFi Hotspot Solution for public guest wifi access tool for cafe, hotel, hair salon and manicure industry with wifi marketing and wifi management features.


Understand your customers, Connect your business directly with THEIR social profiles. Anonymous guests become real people and you can get access to their profiles, including real name, email contact and birthday.

FANSWIFI MY (Reseller of Fanswifi Hong Kong)

Understand your customers, connect with them and bring them back with Social Wifi hotspot platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line and Weibo.


Enhanced customer on-site experience, deliver targeted marketing message


Turn offline visitor into online traffic. Gain customer Real Email Address


Targeted Coupon ro stimulate sales. Reach customer's friends via social media


Name, Gender, Age, Birthday, visitor behavior(everday or monthly visit), customer's social media profile


Blast Coupon. Event triggered coupon via Email


Personalized message, automatic Popup Ads, promote to customer's group of friends

Nowadays, F&B owners, hotel, cafe and restaurant businesses or even hospitals will provide Social WiFi Hotspot for WiFi marketing and WiFi advertisement and at the same time, customer database collection

With the customer database infromation in your hand, business owrners can invite them back with promotions and coupons via email invitation from their customer database they collected. Having a captive portal Social WiFi hotspot can play a WiFi marketing role in your overall mobility strategy, not only for network security reasons but for many other lesser-known benefits as well.

Social WiFi System with Facebook Login is a powerful marketing and analytics tool. While providing free WiFi Hotspot, you can also promote your Facebook Page, get some "Check-in" and "Like" recommendations from your customers. This will increase your business' visibility and customer social engagement that leads to sales..

Furthermore, Facebook sends notifications to WiFi users who check in to your place and encourage them to write reviews. This is an easy way to get feedback from your customers as well.
Easy Social WiFi System for cafe, restaurant, hotel, fitness centre, hair salon, manicure centre or public Free WiFi access
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